New Year Resolutions

We’ve welcomed 2017, and with a new year comes new hopes in the form of New Year Resolutions. It’s kind of amazing, isn’t it? One night—a night not particularly unlike any other night of the year—and so many gain the courage to change their lives for the better. Throughout the years, I’ve heard many people say New Year Resolutions are pointless and overdone. Well, they can bite me. I, like so many, need to shake off 2016, and a few resolutions that will probably be nearly impossible to keep are just the thing to help me do it.

I’ll be honest: I have too many resolutions,and I treat them like any other average human. Chances are, I won’t be keeping more than half of them.

One of them is to dust off the cobwebs on this site and write at least one blog post a week. I’m not a blogger in the slightest, so we’ll see how that goes. Yoga twice a week, a weekly sketch here and there, weekly piano playing, nightly reading—the list goes on. I’m fully admitting my own over-ambition here.

However, there is one resolution I am determined to keep this time around.

I want to be a valuable addition to the lives of the people around me—an addition worthy of them. If there is one thing 2016 brought out in me, it was selfishness. Perhaps it was more self-focus. More than likely, it was a little bit of both. It wasn’t entirely my fault. It wasn’t entirely not my fault either.

Over the quiet weeks of Christmas break, I’ve looked back over the past year and really questioned if I brought any substantial and significant joy in someone’s life, or even my life. If there were times when I did, the times that I didn’t heavily outweighed them. I truly hope that changes. I don’t want to merely exist, to fill the space in the lives of those around me. To do that, I’ll have to stop treating people like space-fillers. The independent routine I’ve so comfortably nestled into has desensitized me to the wonderful hearts that are just footsteps away, whether they be my very best friends, or strangers I’ve never spoken to. I pray in this new year I am able to give joy, and be gracefully receptive to joy and overtly aware of it.

It seems to me, the only way to even attempt to accomplish this is to consciously ask myself if my actions are adding anything of value to my world and the world of those people whose lives I have the privilege to be a part of. I want to live for them, for people, and I think by association I’ll be living for me, too. At the end of the day, our worlds are truly one world, after all.

I’ll fail some days. I might fail some weeks. Maybe I’ll even fail months. That doesn’t equate complete and utter failure. We start again. I suppose that may be the wonderful thing about beginnings that gets so overshadowed by the hype of the new year; A new year only arrives once every 365 days. Thankfully, a new day arrives with all 365 sunrises.


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